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The Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) was a research center within Johns Hopkins School of Education. Established in 2004, our major goal was to improve the quality of education for children in grades pre-K to 12 through high-quality research and evaluation studies and the dissemination of evidence-based research. CRRE is a multi-faceted organization, offering client-driven research and evaluation services, while also publishing a website, newsletter, and blog dedicated to providing stakeholders with rigorous evidence of effective educational practices.

CRRE’s Client-Driven Research and Evaluation

Specializing in education and applied science program evaluation, CRRE’s research department improves the impacts of programs and services through four levels of evaluation studies: (1) design and implementation quality; (2) development; (3) efficacy; and (4) effectiveness. Researchers at CRRE work with clients to tailor evaluation plans to needs and budget, offering a range of services including consulting, research design, program monitoring, data collection, survey and assessment administration, and rigorous analyses of quantitative and qualitative data. Read more about CRRE's services on our evaluation services page.

Resources for Evidence-based Education

CRRE offers a wide range of resources for educators, researchers, and policy makers who are seeking research on program effectiveness, including:

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