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Center for Technology in Education

Johns Hopkins University School of Education

CTE provides integrated support components that span the design, development and delivery continuum of web-enhanced, blended and fully online courses at the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Education. These components vary depending on delivery method, but in all cases are implemented as seamlessly interconnected elements addressing the full online teaching and learning experience. These components include:

  • Course development support – CTE serves as course writers to develop blended and/or online courses; they also provide training and work collaboratively with content experts to develop detailed activity directions and related materials that facilitate learning in an online environment. 
  • Instructional design support – CTE provides instructional design support, including strategies for technology integration. Levels of support vary depending on delivery method and individual instructor needs.
  • Instructor training – CTE provides individual, customized instructor training for those teaching web-enhanced courses, and a faculty development module—How to Teach Online—is offered to prepare groups of instructors to teach in blended and online programs. 
  • Instructor support – CTE provides ongoing instructor support during both the development and delivery phases. This support component allows instructors to focus on content delivery, exchange with students and feedback.
  • Technical support – Ongoing general and technical support for instructors and students is provided via in?person, phone, email and online communications. 
  • Program coordination – For blended and online courses, program planning and coordination is provided in partnership with the relevant department in the School of Education.
  • Student training for learning online – For blended and online courses, CTE prepares students to optimize their online learning experience. Ultimately this support component makes for a more successful, rewarding web-based experience for students and instructors.
The current blended and online programs currently being offered in the School of Education are:

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