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CTE and Maryland Public Television (MPT) developed  Thinkport, a web destination that offers a wide range of innovative products, tools, resources and services to Maryland families and the entire K-12 community. The goals of Thinkport are to:

  • Help teachers teach more effectively
  • Inspire students to learn
  • Build bridges between schools and homes
  • Fulfill state educational standards

Featuring all kinds of ways to personalize and create content and to communicate and engage with various online communities, Thinkport was a web 2.0 resource many years before they were commonplace.  For instance, through the Educator Support channel, teachers can download applications to assist them in building lessons; search a database of multimedia content; work with online field trips; and receive materials tailored to the grade and subject they teach. An electronic “storage bin” holds the resources an educator selects for any and all future use. Teachers can also rate materials and collaborate with peers online. Likewise, through the Professional Development channel, educators can search for, enroll in and take over 150 online and face-to-face courses, where they can learn how to integrate new media in the curriculum. Electronic portfolios store projects created in these courses, and teacher-to-teacher discussions, statewide announcements, and opportunities are facilitated through a unique feature: the Electronic Learning Community.

Families can interact and explore through Thinkport’s Family and Community channel, particularly in the forums, where families and school personnel can exchange ideas, activities and tips on extending learning into the home. Families can also find additional information on topics of education that air between programs on Maryland Public Television.

From rich online resources, valued professional development, innovative enhanced television programs to meaningful on-air educational programs, Thinkport touches the lives of many Marylanders as it improves the quality of learning through technology. 

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