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Maryland Learning Links

Maryland Learning Links (MLL) is a comprehensive website designed for everyone who has an interest in topics around early intervention and special education. It brings together the best and brightest resources along with real-world information from practitioners, families, researchers and experts in one easy to navigate and understand collection of rich media resources.

Built upon CTE’s Online Management System (OLMS), MLL is a dynamic site allowing users to consume and produce information. Featuring innovative tools, blogs, discussion threads, electronic learning communities, multimedia and narrative content, MLL is organized across six content channels that speak to the needs of general and special education teachers, service providers, parents and caregivers, school, district, and community level leaders, higher education and policy makers.  The specific content is constantly evolving and refreshed to keep the site dynamic and relevant, while allowing users to have content delivered to them based on their own identified needs and interests.

MLL combines CTE’s expertise around assistive and universal technology applications, data-informed decision making, and online PD with MSDE’s clear direction on policy and process. The site extends beyond both parent organizations to feature content submitted directly from Maryland practitioners and families, researchers, and educational experts, as well as a careful cultivation of the most salient resources from across the country. 

For more information regarding Maryland Learning Links, contact Chris Swanson at or (410) 516-9853.


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