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The Maryland Early Childhood Gateway

The Early Childhood (EC) Gateway disseminates original content, web resources and tutorial modules to providers and families with young children with disabilities, birth through five. It is developed and maintained through a partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services and CTE and supports the work of the Early Childhood Intervention and Education Branch.

Through the Gateway, users are able to access sections with resources dedicated to improving services for families with young children with disabilities. There are four sections available through the Gateway:

  • Early Intervention (Birth to 3)
  • Preschool Special Education (3 - 5)
  • Early Childhood Tutorial (Birth - 5)
  • Early Childhood Community

The EC Gateway uses CTE’s high-quality professional development and online learning experience to:

  • Provide annotated resources and research based-strategies for families of young children with disabilities age birth through 5.
  • Establish an opportunity for parents, providers and administrators to communicate to effectively meet the needs of young children with disabilities.
  • Streamline the process of obtaining information about Infants and Toddlers Programs and Preschool Special Education on the local and state level.
  • Empower families through networking opportunities, peer-to-peer sharing and a collection of integrated resources.
  • Offer teaching modules which focus on the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) process and the transition for children and families to preschool and community-based programs.

For more information regarding the EC Gateway, contact Fran Carpenter at or 410-516-9848.

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