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Digital Portfolio (DP)

The Johns Hopkins Digital Portfolio (DP) is a web-based assessment and presentation application that allows users to demonstrate their capabilities and achievements in relation to a pre-determined set of standards or outcomes. The DP provides a simple, template-driven web interface that is customizable. Whether it is designed as a pre-service, employment or professional development tool, the DP helps support the advances effective evaluation of individual and program-wide growth based on established standards and goals.

The Digital Portfolio is designed to:

  • Promote and support a focus on development of quality content by providing portfolio developers with an easy-to-use, template-driven, online tool for creating, storing and accessing their portfolios anywhere, anytime.
  • Encourage and facilitate ongoing collaboration by giving portfolio developers an easy, safe and secure method for sharing their work with peers, advisors and a portfolio review team.
  • Enhance a program or institution’s ability to sustain standards or outcomes based instruction and assessment over time.

The DP has three user interfaces:

  1. The Working Portfolio: This is where the owner gathers and develops evidence of his/her professional growth over time. The owner may grant partial access to trusted peers and advisors at any time.
  2. The Reviewer Interface: This allows participants to receive feedback while working on their portfolios.  Reviewers can access the participant’s portfolio where a “history” functionality allows users to see the changes the reviewer has suggested.
  3. The Presentation Interface: This is a publicly accessible version of the full portfolio that includes the content the owner wishes to share. The presentation function allows the owner to export any portion of his/her portfolio to a unique URL, which can then be distributed by resume or business card.  Customized presentations can also be generated.

For more information contact Kristen Thompson at or 410.516.9821

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