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Electronic Learning Community (ELC)

The Electronic Learning Community (ELC) is a password-protected online learning environment. The ELC is powered by CTE’s Online Learning Management System (OLMS) v2.0, which contains course and portal builder features that produce web pages, online communities, tutorials and learning modules.

Some of the ELC’s features include:

  • The User Dashboard – An interactive interface where site members can quickly view recent activity and access key resources and tools. This includes items such as a filterable update list as well as a handy participant task planner with feeds from course and site checklists.
  • Content Tools -  For course or site development with an intuitive drag and drop interface of content components including text boxes, forms, and multimedia.
  • Community Tools - To support user interaction and communication that integrate easily anywhere within a course or site. This includes items such as a blog, calendar, chat, discussion forum, and resources.
  • Site Administration - Features for creation and management of courses, websites and communities. This includes flexible, customized templates for an individualized or consistent structure and appearance of courses or websites. It also includes a robust collection of usage statistics as well as a personalized way of book-marking favorite content with convenient drag and drop functionality for course or site development.
  • Interactives - Dynamic solutions for developers to creative interactive, multimedia-rich teaching resources within course or site pages. This includes tools such as image overlay, multiple-choice check for understanding and polls.
  • Collaborative Spaces – Public or private spaces for team or group collaboration. Groups have their own dashboards with recent activity updates, and their spaces can be customized to incorporate the following community tools: blogs, calendars, chats, discussion forums and resources.

For more information contact Kristen Thompson at or 410.516.9821

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