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Teacher Compass

Nationwide, school administrators bear the responsibility for ensuring that teachers provide quality instruction that promotes student achievement. This responsibility comes as administrators face intensifying challenges, such as directives to strengthen content while differentiating instruction, increased expectations for providing high quality professional development and burgeoning paperwork.

CTE’s Teacher Compass is an easy-to-use online evaluation tool that streamlines these processes, helping administrators to ensure that teachers are always working at the highest possible level. Administrators can use Teacher Compass to collect, organize and analyze teacher performance data and to provide customized professional development.

Teacher Compass also simplifies the process of teacher observation and evaluation, allowing users to easily input data online via computer or mobile device, quickly disaggregate the results, and even generate easy-to-read reports and graphs related to various performance indicators. Teacher Compass is highly customizable, supporting any evaluation framework and performance indicators chosen at the state, district or local levels. Developed over a nine-year period, Teacher Compass provides on-demand access to current and past teacher observations, helping administrators quickly identify trends in instructional performance and professional growth. The data can be correlated to student reports to provide a broader view of teacher performance. Teacher Compass can then use this information to provide online professional development videos and modules customized to each teacher's specific needs.  For more information contact Lynne Mainzer at or 410.516.9832

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