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Online Professional Development Tools

Enrollment in online professional development initiatives increases exponentially every year as learners seek “anywhere, anytime” access to information and peers through computers and mobile devices. Online professional development that allows for in-depth collaboration, interactivity and effective demonstrations of learning drives the need for robust, flexible digital tools to support a variety of learning goals, assessment needs and formats. And of course, just as no two students are identical in terms of their needs and learning styles, so too are no two teachers the same. Professional development tools must therefore take this into account by differentiating the content and the methods to reach the very widest possible range of teacher/learners.

In this section of the site, you will learn about CTE’s Professional Development Tools, all of which feature mobile access, cutting-edge apps and the use of social networks to encourage the professional growth of educators.

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Maryland Accreditation Project

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Career Explorer

This tool helps parents, caregivers and teachers find meaningful activities to do with young children to help stimulate their interests in careers. Learn More.