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Working in the long tradition of one of the world’s premier research institutions, researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Education help educators at the local, national and international levels to understand and solve their most challenging problems. Three centers lead these efforts:

The Center for Research and Reform in Education

The Center for Research and Reform in Education performs evaluation studies to improve education for clients ranging from the New York City Department of Education, to Texas A&M University, to the Middlebury Interactive Languages Program. The center also publishes industry-standard education program reviews, such as the Best Evidence Encyclopedia and Better: Evidence-Based Education magazine.

The Center for Social Organization of Schools

Based on the idea that changes in a school’s environment will produce changes in the attitudes, behaviors and accomplishments of students, the Center for Social Organization of Schools brings together sociologists, psychologists, social psychologists and educators to make schools more effective by evaluating and changing classroom, school and district organization. Support staff members develop curricula and provide technical assistance to help schools use the center's research.

Center for Technology in Education

Through the use of leading-edge technology, data-informed decision-making, evaluation systems and evidence-based educational strategies, the Center for Technology in Education improves teaching and learning through partnering with state departments of education, school districts, individual schools, other institutions of higher education, educational associations and national education companies.


We welcome the interest of researchers who wish to collaborate on specific projects or join our faculty. Our environment is collegial and collaborative, including our Brown Bag Research Colloquia featuring the latest research insights and knowledge in the broad fields of education, counseling and public safety leadership.