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Full Time Master of Arts in Teaching

The Johns Hopkins University full-time Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program prepares candidates for initial certification in Maryland as elementary or secondary teachers. Designed for recent graduates of bachelor or graduate degree programs, as well as mid-career professionals who desire to make a change into teaching, the degree integrates the content and classroom experience required for certification and for effective teaching.

Students can choose certification in Elementary Education or various subject areas in Secondary Education.

Eligible applicants need to have:

  • Appropriate content coursework in the area of desired certification: candidates who do not meet the state’s content threshold for certification will need to fulfill any undergraduate content requirements before completing the program. Content requirement worksheets are available here.
  • Completion of state and federal criminal background checks, revealing no history of criminal activity prior to placement in any internship.
  • Passing scores on one of the following exams: Praxis I, SAT, ACT, or the GRE.

The 39-credit full-time program allows candidates to complete a nationally accredited Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree while also engaged in a supervised one-year teaching internship. The program is designed to develop and support innovative teachers, committed to reaching the needs of today's diverse learners in a variety of school settings over a 12-month (3 semesters) format.  For additional detail on the course sequences by term and program milestones, please review the tentative program of study plans for elementary and secondary education.

The program begins every summer and ends the following spring. Students begin the program by taking classes daily – mornings and afternoons – through most of the summer. Beginning with the fall semester, students serve as interns during the school day, while taking classes in the evening two to three nights a week.

Internships are fulfilled at Partnership Development Schools (PDS) in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard and Montgomery Counties and Baltimore City.

The application deadline for the upcoming summer semester is February 1, 2012.  Please visit the admissions page for details and to apply online.

Additional MAT Program Information