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School of Education at Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins School of Education

This fall, the School of Education (SOE) at Johns Hopkins University is pleased to welcome eight new faculty members (including joint, visiting, secondary, and courtesy appointments). Over the past year, we have recruited a wide range of talented scholars and educators that represent a diversity of perspectives, and backgrounds.  We are honored to have them join our outstanding roster of SOE faculty!

Those who will be joining the School of Education as faculty members in 2013-14 include:

Dr. Rachel Durham, Instructor (Center for Social Organization of Schools)

Dr. Rachel Durham is a former assistant research scientist with the Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC) at Johns Hopkins University. She received her Ph.D. in sociology and demography from Pennsylvania State University and conducted her dissertation research on educational achievement trends among language-minority children. She has also published research on school readiness, early literacy ability, and the relationship between early oral language skills and educational achievement.

Dr. Amy Shelton, Professor (Joint Appointment with Center for Talented Youth)

Dr. Amy Shelton has assumed a dual role as director of research at the university’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY) and professor in SOE.  This appointment will offer a significant opportunity to bridge the gap between basic research on learning and educational practice. Professor Shelton brings a strong background in psychological and brain sciences to her new role in the SOE. Her research interests include spatial cognition as it relates to learning and memory, individual differences, spatial skill development, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Professor Shelton’s research has been supported through grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute on Aging, and her work has been widely published in books and journals including The Journal of Neuroscience and the Journal of Experimental Psychology. 

Secondary, Courtesy, and Visiting Appointments

Dr. Beishenaliev Almazbek, Visiting Professor

Dr. Almazbek will be a visiting professor in the SOE this academic year.  Prior to coming to Johns Hopkins University, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and vice-chancellor and head of the foreign languages department at Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland.  At UNI, he researched the effects of Gulen-inspired schools on the world’s education.  And, in 2010, he received the Education Recognition Award from the Educational Foundation Sebat.

Dr. Linda Brandenburg, Assistant Professor-Clinical (Secondary Appointment)

Linda Brandenburg is currently the senior director of School Autism Services for the Kennedy Krieger Institute. In this role, she is responsible for organizing the delivery of comprehensive high quality evidence-based practices for students with autism in the areas of curriculum, instruction, employee training in autism, behavioral interventions and bestclinical practices, and insuring collaboration in admissions procedures across all Kennedy Krieger School programs. Dr. Brandenburg holds a master’s and doctoral degree in Special Education from The Johns Hopkins University. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of special education, with an expertise in ASD.

Dr. John Flynn, Professor (Secondary Appointment)

John Flynn, who is the William Schlott Professor of Medicine at the JHU School of Medicine and clinical director of the Division of General Internal Medicine, is a member of the Master of Education in the Health Profession Program’s (MEHP) executive planning committee and an early champion for such a degree.  Dr. Flynn received his MD from the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed his internship and residency at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, followed by a fellowship in rheumatology.  Dr. Flynn also completed his MBA at The Johns Hopkins University and his MEd at the University of Cincinnati.  He is board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology and is a fellow with the American College of Rheumatology and the American College of Physicians.

Dr. Fred Mednick, Assistant Professor-Clinical (Courtesy Appointment)

A former teacher and school principal, Fred Mednick, founded Teachers Without Borders (TWB), a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that provides professional training for teachers worldwide and encourages them to play a more vital role in their communities.  Dr. Mednick received his doctoral degree from Seattle University where he wrote his dissertation entitled, “The Qualities of an Educated Teen for the 21st Century.”

Dr. Jennifer Morrison, Visiting Assistant Professor-Clinical

Dr. Morrison is a visiting assistant professor in the JHU Center for Technology in Education (CTE). In 2013, she received her PhD in Instructional Design and Technology from Old Dominion University, with a certificate in Modeling and Simulation.  Her research is heavily influenced by information processing theories of cognition and strategies related to schema construction.

Dr. Frances Voorhis, Assistant Professor-Clinical (Courtesy Appointment)

Frances L. Van Voorhis is an independent consultant with the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships and the National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of several research articles on the Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS) interactive homework process, including three longitudinal studies of the effects of TIPS science and language arts in the middle grades, and TIPS math in the elementary grades on family involvement and students’ achievement. She earned her PhD in developmental psychology from the University of Florida.  

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