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Day 1

Morning Session

"The Legacy of EEO and Current Patterns of Educational Inequality"
Presider: Norma Day Vines, Johns Hopkins School of Education

"Is It Family or School? Getting the Question Right"
Karl Alexander, Johns Hopkins University

"School Segregation and Racial Academic Achievement Gaps"
Sean Reardon, Stanford University

Reaction to Alexander and Reardon
Stefanie DeLuca, Johns Hopkins University

"Racial and Ethnic Gaps in College Aspirations and Enrollment"
Barbara Schneider and Guan Saw, Michigan State University

"Still No Effect of Resources, Even in the New Gilded Age?"
Stephen Morgan and Sol Bee Jung, Johns Hopkins University

"First- and Second-Order Methodological Developments from the Coleman Report"
Samuel Lucas, University of California at Berkeley

Reaction to Schneider and Saw; Morgan and Jung; and Lucas
Jeffrey Grigg, Johns Hopkins School of Education

Remarks by James McPartland


Looking to the Future (Part I)
Presider: Marc Stein, Johns Hopkins School of Education

"Educational Equality is a Multifaceted Issue: Why We Must Understand the School’s Sociocultural Context for Student Achievement"

Prudence Carter, University of California at Berkeley

"What if Coleman Had Known About Stereotype Threat? How Social-Psychological Interventions Can Help Mitigate Educational Inequality"
Geoffrey Borman and Jaymes Pyne, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"A New Framework for Understanding Parental Involvement: Setting the Stage for Academic Success"
Angel Harris and Keith Robinson, Duke University

"Necessary But Not Sufficient: The Role of Policy for Programs of School, Family, and Community Partnerships"
Joyce Epstein and Steven Sheldon, Johns Hopkins School of Education

Reaction to Carter; Borman and Pyne; Harris and Robinson; and Epstein and Sheldon
Richard Lofton, Johns Hopkins School of Education

"Accountability, Inequality, and Achievement: The Effects of the No Child Left Behind Act on Multiple Measures of Student Learning"
Jennifer Jennings and Douglas Lauen, New York University

"Can Technology Help Promote Equality of Educational Opportunities?"
Brian Jacob, Daniel Berger, Cassandra Hart and Susanna Loeb, University of Michigan

"Connecting Research and Policy to Reduce Inequality"
Ruth López Turley, Rice University

Reaction to Jennings and Lauen; Jacob, Berger, Hart and Loeb; and Turley
Faith Connolly, Johns Hopkins School of Education


Day 2

Session 1: Community and Schools

Sonja Santelises
Chief Executive Officer, Baltimore City Public Schools

Stefanie DeLuca
Associate Professor of Sociology

Ian Rowe
CEO, Public Prep

Moderator: Robert Pondiscio


Session 2: Challenging the Structures

Deborah Gist
Superintendent, Tulsa Public Schools

Derrell Bradford
Executive Director, NYCAN: The New York Campaign for Achievement Now

Paul Pastorek
Managing Partner, Pastorek Partners LLC
Former Superintendent, Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Moderator: David Steiner


President Ron Daniels Introduction


Andreas Schleicher
Division Head and Coordinator, OECD Programme for International Student Assessment


John King, United States Secretary of Education
Introduced by David Steiner