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Dear Alumni and Friends,

It’s a great time to be in the profession of education! For the past two years, the interest in our national educational system has reached new heights –politically, socially and financially. These discussions whether they occur at large seminars or conferences, school board meetings or school parking lots, or just around the dinner table, all focus on similar questions - What’s wrong with it? Who is to blame? How do we fix it? As the #2 School of Education, our role in contributing to the solutions is emerging. We are key participants in many national conversations that cover all aspects of our expertise and history: How to prepare teachers for the profession in the 21st century? How is evidence-based research impacting decision making in districts, schools and classrooms? What should teacher and administrator competency look like? What is personalized learning? How should we measure achievement and which types of assessments are valuable? I’m excited because these are some of the important questions our school is focused on answering. As alumni and friends of our great institution, I encourage you to celebrate your leadership role as advocates for education, participate in professional and social offerings at our School, and join me in being life-long active learners and problem-solvers in our communities.

David Andrews, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education


Johns Hopkins Magazine recently published an article entitled “Personalized Learning – Coming to a Classroom Near You,” on the basic premise of personalized learning, a learning approach that will be implemented at Henderson-Hopkins, a partnership school between SOE, Morgan State University’s School of Education and Urban Studies, and Baltimore City Public School System.  Click here to access the full article.