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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins School of Education, a vibrant community of scholars dedicated to understanding and solving the most challenging problems facing education.

We approach our work with an entrepreneurial spirit and a fundamental desire to work in collaborative ways. Our partners are school systems, traditional and nontraditional education stakeholders, government agencies and colleagues throughout the Johns Hopkins research community.

Through our innovative graduate and doctoral programs, our students learn to address the most pressing needs of PK-12 schools, from recruiting and preparing highly qualified teachers, to building school leadership capacity, to helping children with special needs, to developing research-based curricula and closing the achievement gap, and to addressing the social and emotional needs of children, youth and families. We also educate and train the most talented counselors, health educators and public safety leaders through evidence-based research and instruction. Programs are offered at our three locations and online.

We develop and enrich our programs—and serve educators across the country and around the world—through the nationally recognized Center for Research and Reform in Education, Center for Social Organization of Schools, Center for Technology in Education and Institute for Education Policy. We participate in major Hopkins interdisciplinary programs, such as the Science of Learning Institute and the 21st Century Cities Initiative. The school is also home to the Division of Public Safety Leadership that is committed to developing leaders in public safety and community sector organizations.

You will find that the Johns Hopkins School of Education is a warm and collegial environment in which to develop your full potential as a leader in education. We hope you will consider joining us in our work.