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Graphic Tools for Learning

In our present highly visual world where images on television, billboards, videos, as well as in most publications abound, there has been a related impact on how we teach and learn. Utilizing an increasing variety of ways to reach students of all different learning styles, teachers can help their students to understand complicated concepts and remember them better by helping them to master graphic tools both by hand and on computers.


Mindscaping: A Learning and Thinking Skill for All Students
Nancy Margulies

Graphics and Learning
Dee Dickinson

Mindmapping and Learning
Nancy Margulies

Visual Thinking: Symbolic Ways Of Representing Ideas: A Need For More Symbols
Nancy Margulies
Mind-mapping expert discusses how "making ideas visible, using both words and images, means that we are making our very process of thinking visible."

Strategic Instruction Model
Keith Lenz

The Value of Posters
Robert E. Bear
An art teacher describes the values of working poster design into the teaching and learning of many different subjects.

Recommended Reading

Mapping Inner Space: Learning and Teaching Visual Mapping
by Nancy Margulies
Zephyr Press, 2002
ISBN: 1-56976-138-8

Visual Thinking: Tools for Mapping Your Ideas
by Nancy Margulies and Christine Valenza
2005:Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1-904424-56-2

Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century
by Robert E. Horn
MacroVU Press, 1999
ISBN 1-892637-09-X

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: Go to this website and click on "Get Organized" The tools include math grids, homework charts, and other ways to facilitate learning through the use of graphics.

Visual Learning

Resources (diagrams, suggested reading) for improving thinking skills by using graphics.

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