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News from the Neurosciences

How would it affect educational systems if everyone truly believed that the human brain could change structurally and functionally as a result of learning and experience--for better or worse? How would it affect how we teach and how students learn if everyone believed that the kinds of environments we create for learning, how we teach, and the learning strategies we offer students could result in better mental equipment they will use throughout life? In News from the Neurosciences, you will find articles that support the validity of this concept, as well as articles of current interest on various other aspects of brain research and its implications for education.

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Featured Education Site

Neuroscience for Kids

Dr. Eric Chudler, Ph.D created the site Neuroscience for Kids for, "All students and teachers who would like to learn about the nervous system." In addition to featuring the latest neuroscience news, books, articles and contests, Chudler also sends out a free, monthly newsletter through e-mail. Previous newsletters are also available at:
In fact, Dr. Chudler's site is so effective that Science selected Nueroscience for Kids for a Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE) and recently published a paper detailing Neuroscience for Kids: The press release about the prize is here: When we contacted Dr. Chudler about his site, he was not sure what he could add that was not written in the Science Paper. However, we are sure that you, your students and children will not want to miss exploring the brain through fun games like "Synaptic Tag," experimenting with reflexes, singing songs about the nervous system, or hands-on lessons.

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