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Independent School Leadership

Online Educational Leadership Institute

The Johns Hopkins School of Education (SOE) is introducing our new online leadership institute to better prepare 21st century leaders in educational organizations, companies, charters and pre K- 12 schools for the challenges they face in the rapidly changing educational environment. You can choose from one or more of the courses listed below addressing many of the issues facing your organization. A master’s degree is required for admission to the Institute. Students earn three graduate credits upon successful completion of each course.

Note: Students can apply two of the courses * to the Doctor of Education (EdD) program which has a specialty track in Entrepreneurial Leadership. Enrollment in the Institute courses does not guarantee admission to the EdD, which has a separate application process.

Online Educational Leadership Institute Courses:

* Leadership in Educational Organizations - Offered Fall 2013

This course navigates the complexities of human behavior and organizational outcomes from psychological and behavioral perspectives and includes empirical findings drawn from neuroscience focused on resilience and the emerging field of neuroleadership.

Strategic Systems Change and Action Planning - Offered Fall 2013

This course is designed to introduce knowledge management concepts into an organizational or educational context and to provide an in depth focus on data-driven decision making in organizational and educational institutions. Participants will develop an understanding of how to create and support change through a systems approach.

* Power, Politics, and Policy in Education - Offered Spring 2014

This course will examine the dynamics of power, politics and policy and how these apply to education, organizations, and leadership. The emphasis will be on recognizing the increasing influence of government entities in education.

Turnaround School Leadership - Offered Spring 2014

Taught by one of the nation's leading researchers in educational reform, this course will provide participants with a deep knowledge of the educational challenges school leaders face in turnaround schools as well as what is known about effective instructional, human capital, and change management strategies for turning schools around.

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