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At the School of Education (SOE), we believe that the challenges of American education need to be addressed with new ideas, new methodologies and new visions of the future. 

So we’re working hard to develop new programs that bring knowledgeable experts from a variety of fields to better address these challenges and bridge evidenced-based research with practice.  As a result, our programs provide students with a unique, multidisciplinary experience that reaches beyond education and taps the expertise of medicine, public health and the science of learning.  Students also learn in an environment that engages both traditional and nontraditional educators, where superintendents, teachers, national education associations, education entrepreneurs, charter school founders, education technology companies, economists, corporate CEOs, policy-makers and education advocates share experiences and work together to build leadership skills and improve learning outcomes.

Find out more, attend one of our information sessions this fall or visit us at one of the Idealist Graduate School Fairs.

We’ve put some of our most popular programs online and invite you to be part of the discussion.

  • Doctor of Education (EdD) – sets a high standard for preparing future leaders  to meet the increasing demands associated with improving public and private school environments as well as entrepreneurial educational organizations. (No GREs required)
  • Educational Leadership Institute – offers a series of high-level courses in which leaders from public and private educational organizations can apply the most up-to-date advances in learning to their work environment and gain new leadership skills.
  • Master of Education (Technology for Educators) – prepares educators, through project-based learning and collaborative planning, to use a broad range of technologies in their multiple roles as teacher, mentor, facilitator, researcher, change agent and leader.
  • Specialized certificates and professional development – targets a wide range of learning opportunities for educators who want to sharpen their skills in a specialized concentration, through either credit or non-credit programs, including: mind, brain and teaching;  technology; and global urban education.

Need more information? Contact an admissions representative at 1-877-JHU-SOE1 or email 

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