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Doctoral Programs

The following faculty teach and/or advise students in our doctoral programs. Students work closely with faculty throughout their study to gain the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing educational environment.

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Abras, Chadia, PhD, (Distance Education), Associate Professor
Anderson, Annette, PhD, Assistant Dean
Balfanz, Robert, PhD (Education), Professor
Borkoski, Carey EdD, Assistant Professor
Bryant, Camille  PhD, Associate Professor
Burdick-Will, Julia, PdD, Assistant Professor
Carran, Deborah, PhD (Developmental Psychology), Professor
Connolly, Faith, PhD, Assistant Professor
Davis, Marcia, PhD, Assistant Professor
Day-Vines, Norma, PhD (Counselor Education), Professor
deBettencourt, Laurie, PhD (Special Education), Professor
Durham, Rachel, PhD, Assistant Professor
Eith, Christine, PhD (Sociology), Assistant Professor
Epstein, Joyce, PhD (Sociology), Professor
Grigg, Jeff PhD, Assistant Professor
Jeon, Lieny PhD, Assistant Professor
Mac Iver, Douglas, PhD, Professor
Mac Iver, Martha, PhD (Political Science), Associate Professor
Morgan, Stephen, PhD, Professor
Pape, Stephen, PhD (Educational Psychology), Professor
Parker, Carolyn, PhD (Curriculum and Instruction), Assistant Professor
Rice, Eric, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sandmel, Karin, PhD (Special Education), Assistant Professor
Shelton, Amy, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean
Sheldon, Steven, PhD (Educational Psychology), Associate Professor
Slavin, Robert, PhD (Social Relations), Professor
Smith, Henry, EdD, Assistant Professor
Stein, Marc, PhD (Leadership and Policy Studies), Associate Professor
Tsantis, Linda, EdD, Associate Professor
Young, Anita, PhD (Counselor Education), Assistant Professor


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Faculty Contact
 Dr. Amy Shelton

Sr. Academic Program Administrator
Janet Mason