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Applied Behavior Analysis

SOE first in Maryland to offer ABA certificate for school personnel

Starting this fall, Johns Hopkins will become the first graduate school of education in Maryland to offer the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) certificate for educators, counselors, and administrators looking to enhance their expertise in working with students with disabilities. Developed under the leadership of Dr. Tamara Marder,  School of Education (SOE) assistant professor and expert in the practice of ABA, the program will prepare school personnel to develop an evidenced-based learning environment for children with special needs.  

“It’s important for teachers, administrators, and other school personnel to be knowledgeable about evidenced-based practices to help minimize the gap between research and practice,” said Marder. “Our program will focus on the science and methodology of ABA, and participants will learn how to develop, deliver, and evaluate effective teaching practices, as well as identify specific strategies and resources teachers can use to better serve students.”

The research on the use of ABA as an intervention strategy for a wide range of disabilities has experienced significant growth in the past decade. Endorsed by a number of federal and state health agencies, including the surgeon general of the United States,  ABA trained personnel  can be especially helpful in school settings by providing professional development and support to faculty and staff.   

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